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THE FUTURE OF THE WIND BAND, Pt. 2 (Summer Reading Project)

In Part 2, we discuss the chapters on 'Economic Justice' and 'Democratic Citizenship from William Perrine's book, The Future of the Wind Band.

Special Guests for this Session are William Perrine (Concordia University Ann Arbor), Thomas G. Warner, Jr. (NC A&T State University) & Vincent C. Bates (Weber University).

Band Director Discussion Panel:

  • Aaron Noe (NC) - Composer, Author, & High School Band

  • Josh Cvijanovic (NC) - High School Band

  • Ruth Petersen (NC) - Middle School Band

  • Mike Dominy, Victoria (BC,CAN) - Community Band

  • C. Grant Maledy (MO) - High School Band

  • Ron Isaacson (VA) - High School Band

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