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Tips for an Online Classroom when Schools are Cancelled

It's a crazy time right now to say the least. Many directors are scrambling to find a way to move forward when a pandemic is trying to hold us back. Here are a few ideas and resources that may help as your trying to figure out what the rest of the school year may look like for your program.


Assign exercises, passages from band repertoire, scales, etc. Have the students record their best performance and email it or use apps like Dropbox or Google drive. Video assignments are a great way to engage the students and encourage them to practice at home.


Use free resources like Zoom, Google Hangouts, YouTube, to have an online discussion about repertoire, music theory, etc. Most apps allow the presenter to block video or mute participants during instructions. Most have chat features for students to ask questions


We live in a time where multiple performances of just about every wind band composition are available online. Send links to multiple recordings of a concert selection and have the students identify their favorite and discuss the things they liked and disliked.


Review the music you're preparing and share the students things to look for in certain passages. Conduct the passage with a click-track and have the students play along play along and record it for feedback.

Also, Aamano Music is offering to any band program affected by the Corona Virus a free sample of the new method by Aaron Noe, Mastering the Scales.

This method is developed to comprehensively teach bands the major scales through a series scale studies, technical exercises and a short arrangement in each of 12 major scale centers.

Here are some resources available to during this time:

Smart Music:

Offering free subscriptions during the school closures

Zoom Video Conferencing:

Offering free subscriptions during the school closures. Great resources for teaching online.

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