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Scott Rush: Rebuilding a Better Band - Maestro Moments

The 2020-21 School Year gave music programs (bands in particular!) one of the biggest challenges we have faced as a community. As we are moving into the 2021-22 School Year, many band directors are picking up the pieces left behind in the wake and trying to develop strategies to rebuild and reignite their programs.

Facing the challenges of having to rebuild a program can seem daunting. Mourning the impact of the pandemic within in the band community is a natural stage. However, we must take steps to rebuild our music programs. We know that what the band room has to offer is exactly what students need right.

Tragedy is not something we wish on anyone. However, in the wake of tragedy we are presented with the opportunity to reevaluate our programs and make positive changes to create a better community.

This past Wednesday, Josh Cvijanovic and I had the opportunity to talk with author, expert band director, and clinician, Scott Rush about the impact of the pandemic on our programs and how the band community stands poised to make some positive strides toward "Rebuilding a Better Band."

Now more than ever, our students need the relationship and community the band provides. I invite you watch this interview. I know I walked away from this conversation with new ideas, refined determination, and inspiration for the opportunities ahead!

Learn more about Scott Rush by visiting the GIA Website:

Aaron Noe is a composer, educator and author. You can learn more at


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