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Good News on the Horizon - 3rd Release of Preliminary Results of Aerosol Study in Music

The 3rd Release of the study came out today. One of the key findings in the preliminary study is that playing woodwind and brass instruments with a mask and using a bell cover is equal to talking (reading level) with a mask.

Here is the link to the 3rd release of the study (released today, 11/13/2020)


  • Dr. Mark J. Spede is Professor of Music, Director of Bands, Director of Tiger Band, and Conductor of the Symphonic Band at Clemson University

  • Dr. James Weaver is the Director of Performing Arts and Sports for the National Federation of High School State Associations

  • Dr. Shelly L. Miller, Ph.D., is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and faculty in the Environmental Engineering Program at the University of Colorado Boulder

  • Dr. Srebric is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a founding Director of the Center for Sustainability in the Built Environment at the University of Maryland

The following links are from a Zoom panel discussion on the results of the study and recommendations. The links take you directly to the conversation point mentioned in the descriptions:

Discussion about indoor rehearsal space:

Recommendations for indoor & outdoor rehearsals:

Finding: Bell Covered instruments playing = talking with a mask

"When we measure people that are just talking (reading level) and we also compare to a belled instrument with a bell cover, it's just like talking."

- Dr. Shelly Miller, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

Hypothesis of the differences in aerosol production of different instrument families (Dr. Mark Spede, Director of Bands, Clemson University)

Explanation of the efficiency calculation presented in Appendix B:

Results of study from woodwind instruments at key hole openings:

"Bagging" woodwinds is not necessary

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