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Choosing a path...

Last night, I went to bed not knowing who the next president will to be.

This morning, I woke up not knowing who the next president will be.

To say 2020 has been a tough year would be the understatement of the Century. The events of last night (and possibly the next several weeks) are another blow to our nation. Uncertainty causes fear. We look ahead and all we see is a dense fog of unanswered questions.

However, 2020 has taught us to deal with uncertainty. Uncertainty has been the theme of 2020. When will we return to school? How can I teach band on an online platform? How can I show love to my students when they see so much hate and animosity in our culture?

Where do I go from here?

Throughout 2020, we have moved forward. We have taught our students to be successful at their craft whether at home or in school. We have taught our students that regardless of where we are, we will strive to improve and make music in ways we never dreamed. We have loved our students and we have taught them the bond and unity that only comes from the band family.

This morning, there is uncertainty.

This morning, there are unanswered questions.

This morning, there is anger and fear.


Today I choose to teach my students to the best of my ability regardless of what the future holds.

Today, I choose to make music with my students. Today, I choose to love my students.

Today, I choose to be there for my students and to demonstrate the unity and bond of the band family.

Today, I choose band.

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