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Paul Murtha: Arranging & Composing for Concert Band

Whether in marching band, concert band, or jazz band, you may have performed one of Paul Murtha's compositions. Recently retired from composing and arranging for one of the best band organizations on the planet, I was able to talk with Paul about his journey which led him to Pershing's Own, the United States Army Band.

Although, I was familiar with Paul's work from my experience as a band director, I first met Paul as a trumpet player on several gigs in the Northern Virginia region. I was always amazed at his solos in a variety of styles on the jazz gigs we played. Not only is he a great arranger and composer, he's a wonderful musician.

In our conversation, I asked Paul if he had advice for band directors looking to arrange or compose for their ensembles. His advice and tips were excellent.

I hope you enjoy this interview!

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