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​ There Is Redemption in Music

I recently read a Psalm (it was Psalm 42, if you were wondering) and noticed that it was attributed to "the Sons of Korah".


Who was Korah?

And why say the "sons of Korah" and not list the sons names?

So I researched a little and found a really interesting story.

Shall We Gather  at the River Concert March by Henry Fillmore

In the Torah (the Jewish holy scriptures and history of the Fathers - "The Law"), there is a short story of a revolt against Moses, the great Jewish leader, and his brother Aaron (I love his name!).

This revolution was led by Korah, a prominent leader in the community. He and 250 men revolted against the leadership of Moses. As a result of his disobedience, Korah was consumed by the earth in an act of God. (How about that! - Wow!)

This type of revolution would have brought generations of shame on the descendants of Korah.

But in the heart of the book of Psalms, we see eight beautiful songs written by the Sons of Korah.

There is redemption on music.

Grading & Assessment in the Performance-Based Classroom by Aaron Noe

The great Jewish king, David, appointed men from the house of Korah to be the choir directors and music leaders at the temple. Through music, this family's name and reputation has been restored and even glorified. The subject of these eight psalms inspire new music today!

There is redemption on music.

So why am I writing this on a band director blog?

Remember this when you are dealing with some of the more 'difficult' students in your class. Music has the ability to heal and restore more than any other subject. Our calling as musicians is much greater than we may realize. And the efforts we make with the young musicians we work with can have a positive influence for generations.

There is redemption in music!

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