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Time to Replace the Toys?

Most band directors know how to spend their annual budgets (and then some…)!

However, this time of year districts are looking at last-minute purchases to use leftover instructional funds before the end of the fiscal year. This is a great time to put together a wish list and send it to your admin.

Throughout the year you’ve used the bulk of your funds on sheet music, instrument repairs, maintenance, and instrument replacement. Take a few minutes to think about the percussion section and replacing or supplementing the supply of percussion “toys.”

$200 to $300 can add a lot to your percussion cabinet!

Here are a few cool (but affordable) percussion items I found on Amazon:

This 4-pack of OCean Drums comes with a 6-Inch, 8-Inch, 10-Inch, and a 12-Inch drum. For $29 bucks this is a great deal to restock the percussion cabinet.

This 10-inch shaker is a great addition to the percussion cabinet. Clean, crisp sound at home in the wind ensemble, jazz ensemble or percussion ensemble. Great value at $16!

If you’re like most band directors, it’s been a while since you’ve replaced these (...and it shows). This is an affordable two-tone Agogo Bell at $19!

This is a classic wood pair of 8.5” claves. This design gives the classic sound you're looking for in authentic latin percussion.

The Percussion Box is starting to pop in contemporary wind band repertoire. Not only is it necessary for some rep, it’s a great instrument to have for percussion ensemble and jazz combos/jam sessions.

This is another great percussion toy to add to the cabinet. The spoons are a part of American Folk music and have been incorporated by some composers.

This is also an instrument that often gets overlooked when re-stocking the percussion cabinet. This is a great value at $25!

This is an affordable stainless steel guiro from EastRock. Great to add a different timbre or to replace an old guiro.

For more fun and interesting percussion toys check out Wind Conductor’s Amazon List:


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