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$165,000 Fundraising Campaign - Interview with Cami Tedoldi


I met Cami in 2017 when she asked me to put together an itinerary for the nationally recognized, award-winning music program at Foxboro High School (MA) to travel to Australia. She told me how the music department had hosted the jazz ensemble from the Hale School in Perth, Australia, several times over the past decade. After several invitations from the Hale School, Cami and her team decide 2019 was the year.

The financial obligation for an international tour is far greater than the regional tours they have taken annually. And a tour to Australia is big investment for any program.

Cami and her team knew that in order to allow as many students as possible to travel on the exchange program, an aggressive fundraising campaign would be needed.

Over the course of the next 8 months, the Foxboro Music education team with the help of the Foxboro Music Association (and numerous other individuals) raised over $165,000!

In this interview, Cami shares they accomplished this task.

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