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Which Is More Beautiful

I have to admit, I LOVE Monet.

I am drawn to the beauty of his paintings.

One of the things I love most is the lack of definition. I will stare at the Woman with the Parasol and my imagination is on fire…what is she thinking? Where is she going—or is she returning? Who is the boy with her?

The incredible thing about Impressionism is you are never given the fine details. It is not a “refined” product, yet it captures the moment perfectly.

Would I recognize the woman if I passed her on the street? Or could any woman be the Woman with the Parasol?

Contrast that with Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. There is no doubt I would recognize the Girl if I passed her on the street. The painting is much more “refined.” I see her eyes clearly. I see the shadows cast on her face. Yet Vermeer captures this moment perfectly.

What is she thinking? Is she caught off guard? Is she about to share something?

I am captivated.

In the same way, the Wind Conductor holds in hand the brush of sound. The sound we produce may be unrefined or it may be precise.

But what is the sound, the message, the moment that we are capturing for our audience? For our students? For our community?

The brush of every conductor is different. Our ears guide us to paint a picture of sound, yet the approach is unique. However, we share the same goal…

Capture the moment…

Draw your audience in…

Share the emotion…

Which of these paintings is more beautiful?

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