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Is Vanguard poised to take the Devils? Or is this a repeat of 1999?

This season has been insane to say the least! The Blue Devils remain undefeated and look to be in a position of taking an incredible 18th DCI Championship. However, nothing is said and done until the Final 12 meet in Indianapolis. And the Santa Clara Vanguard is bent on preventing that from happening!

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One of the most remarkable stories is the push and drive of the Santa Clara Vanguard. The Vanguard has not taken the top spot since 1999. But then it was a split decision with a final score of 98.4 with none other than this year’s top seed The Blue Devils.

The Devils have stayed on top of the scoreboard this year but this weekend the Vanguard gave them the closest run for their money. And Vanguard looks intent on not allowing the Devils to take their 18th title.

This past Saturday night, the two corps met once again in Georgia. Where a tenth of a point separated the two corps the night before, Vanguard closed the gap to an amazingly narrow .013 spread!

Sunday, held a rematch of the corps and the Devils held them back. But only by a mere difference of .35! Of course, we definitely can’t elminate the other contenders as well. Carolina Crown finished third on Sunday with a score of 92.45 and last year’s Champs the Blue Coats followed close behind with a final score of 91.2!

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To say the least, the last two weeks of the season are going to be exciting and at this point it’s anyone’s game!

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BTW.... DCI no longer allows a split Championship. Highest score in GE will take the title.


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