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Party's over. Back to work!

marching band camp activities

The Fourth of July festivities are now behind us and we are now focussing on the new marching season. BY this point most directors have selected the show music, begun writing the drill and have tentative competitions on the schedule.

But ...

Are you ready for Band Camp?

Band Camp is one of the most important times of the season. This is the time to:

- Teach & reinforce the fundamentals of marching

- Set the guidelines & expectations for the season

- Excite band members about marching band

(carry that enthusiasm through to the first competition in September!)

On top of all that, it's time to plan with the Band Parents an effective strategy for raising funds to carry the band through the season and into the next year.

Here are 3 tips to make this year successful:

1. Write your goals for the season and share them with band members.

Goal setting is a collective effort. By identifying the goals of the season, you give the band a clear objective to carry them through the entire season. Be sure to set markers throughout the season to track your progress toward reaching your goal. Remember: Trophies are not goals. Personal accomplishment is the goal. Trophies, awards and recognition are byproducts of strong personal goals and continued drive for excellence in accomplishing your goals.

2. Be sure all of your band camp activities focus on the program.

When planning the extra activities of band camp (ice breakers, relays, etc.), be sure they relate directly to marching band. Each activity should have an underlying element that reinforces or teaches fundamentals or a concept you are working on that day.

3. Establish a warm-up routine that works!

Band Camp is the time to establish a routine for the marching band warm-up. Be sure to consider ALL band members (percussion and winds). Develop a warm-up routine for the whole band to play together. This warm-up should be thorough but not taxing. Every band director has experienced a competition day where transportation didn't get the message or the bus breaks down and you arrive at the competition with only minutes before performance time. Having a solid warm-up routine helps to focus the students on the task at hand when these circumstances arise.. and Aamano Music wishes everyone the very best this marching season and we hope all of you accomplish your goals!

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