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Giving Back to the Community

This holiday season, offers some fun ways to give back to your community. As band directors, we have an incredible opportunity to share not only our talents but our gifts with the community. These activities will not only bring joy to the lives you touch will bring greater awareness of your program in the community. These types programs can become a source of pride locally as neighbors, friends, administrators, and council members see your students giving back to the community!

Food Drive

Many families can’t afford the expenses of a big family dinner at the holiday. This time of year, food banks, local churches and civic organizations will welcome contributions to their food pantry programs. Consider asking audience members to bring a nonperishable food item to the holiday concert. Another option is to encourage students to bring in these items on the last week of school. You may even consider a friendly challenge to your different class periods to see “Who shares the most?”

Toys for Tots

This program sponsored by active, reserve and retired Marines has become a blessing to so many families during the holiday season. When your students and family members bring in an unwrapped toy, they may not realize it may be the only gift some children will receive this season. For more information, visit

School Supply Drive

This is often something many people only think about at the beginning of the school year. However, many students need a new set of binders, paper, pencils, etc. with the start of the new semester. This holiday season could be a great opportunity to meet the needs of students within your own school district.


This simple gift is one of the most touching gifts we as musicians can offer our communities. Find simple arrangements which can be played by mixed instrumentation and visit neighborhoods in close to your school and share the gift of music. You’ll be amazed at the number of familes who will come to the door with their families to hear your group! You have the opportunity to share your students’ talent with an audience you may never reach otherwise.

Adopt a group of children

There are may Adopt-a-Kid program at various local grocery stores and businesses. Pick a few names off a tree and have your band provide a MEMORABLE Christmas to a needing family!

Nursing Home Performance

The holidays can be some of the loneliest times of year for the Nursing Home communities. Consider contacting the local nursing homes in your area and set up performances for your students. Whether you take the whole band or if you offer to bring several small groups to play carols, you can bring great joy to some truly wonderful people!


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