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The World of DCI Hits Reality TV! Plus an Interview with George Hopkins

On October 5th, the competitive world of Drum Corps hits the small screen in the new Fuse TV documentary Clash of the Corps. The show follows two of the top corps, The Cadets and The Blue Devils, as they battle it out on the field to take the top spot in competition. Previews of the show share an inside look at the Corps season. From riding on the buses from city to city, practicing in the hot summer sun, to taking the field in competitions, Clash will give the audience a detailed look at this competitive sport.

The show is also determined to change the image held by marching band haters like Seth Meyers. One of their sneak-peek videos puts "DCI Stereotypes... to Rest." It talks about the stereotypes of the corps members: trumpet players, guard girls, etc. It can't hurt the image by having muscle-man and action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the show's producer. caught up with the leader of the Cadets, George Hopkins, to get a few thoughts about the new show:

WC: There's a lot of hype in the marching band world about the new show on Fuse, Clash of the Corps. What are you most excited to see in the show?

Hop: Excited ??? well I hope they are able to communicate the passion and work ethic of the kids in both corps. The results and the results, and I am sure they will find some tension here and there; but, what makes a difference for all, is the impact of corps on the future of the participants.

WC: What was it like having the cameras around?

Hop: Actually, you get used to it. You grumble, you curse, you laugh … and they are there :-) Thank God I am 59 and have little to hide at this juncture

WC: What are some of your lasting impressions from the experience?

Hop: I thought the video crew did a great job. They came to learn who we were and what we were about. I can only hope the editing shows all as we know it to be. It was unfortunate the Blue Devils and Cadets were not locked in 1 - 2 battle down the stretch … but my sense is the program directors adapted well.

WC: One final question... Did you get to meet The Rock?

Hop: No.

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