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A Look in A Band Time Capsule

In a recent article in the Morrow County (OH) Sentinel, columnist Evelyn Long reminisces about her high marching band experience in 1947. She talks about the days when her band director, Charlie Jackson, would write a new drill every week for the football half-time show.

Flash forward 70 years to today, and we see a different structure to the modern band show. The majority of high schools today prepare a single show which they compete with throughout the entire fall season. While the complexity of the marching has definitely progressed, it is interesting to compare the concept of preparing weekly performances versus the repetition of the competitive show.


The contrast causes one to wonder what the next stage of high school marching band will be. 79 years from today, what changes to the program will we see? What features will we find archaic? Which will we reminisce about fondly?

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