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Take Your Band Caroling this Season!

This past weekend, I and the other conductors of the Rappahannock Youth Symphony took our students to a local bookstore and played Christmas carols for the shoppers. It was one of the most well-received outings by the ensemble. Customers made it a point to come and say how much they enjoyed the music performed by the students!

I would encourage you to do the same with your ensembles. Caroling in the community is a great way to share your students' talents with an audience who would otherwise never know about the incredible young musicians you work with every day.

Songs for caroling by Aaron Noe - 4-Part Band Arrangements Mixed instrumentation

Simple arrangements of popular Christmas Carols can easily be found and are a snap to put together - often with just a quick rehearsal before heading out the door! Contact local merchants in advance and turn it into a way to give back to the community with a Toys-for-Tots campaign, food drive for the local food bank, or by teaming up with the local chapter of the Salvation Army.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how much the community appreciates the extra mile you go to support those in need during the holiday!

And extra support is always a good thing this time of year when school boards and county supervisors are considering budgets for the coming fiscal year!

Rocket Sleigh by Delvyn Case for Concert band

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