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Is This Another Championship Year for the Blue Devils?

This past Saturday was a test for the corps competing for a final spot in the Drum Corps International Championship Finals in Indianapolis on August 12, 2017.

23 Corps met in San Antonio to compete in the biggest event of the season yet--the 2017 DCI Southwestern Championship. As the only undefeated corps entering the competition, the Blue Devils were in the sights of all the top players. However, they triumphed with a score that broke 90!

Founded in 1957, the Blue Devils have a rich history of drum corps excellence. Within three years of their national touring debut, the Devils won their first national championship in 1976. Since that time, the Devils have amassed an unprecedented seventeen National Championship titles. Add to the fact that since then, they have never placed out of the top 5 in the Championships! The Blue Devils are undoubtedly one of the top Corps in the circuit!

If the Blue Devils can pull off another title this year, they will have achieved more than any other corps in the circuit. However, the competition from Saturday has them in their sights in hopes they can fend off another victory. For the Devils to claim this prize, they will have to overcome many obstacles.

This weekend revealed a competitive field for the final three weeks of the

season. The Santa Clara Van was hot on their trail with a final score of 89.625 and taking the top score for percussion. Third-place-winner, Carolina Crown, is also looking to upset the Devils with their event high score for their brass. One of the Corps who should not be counted out is the Cavaliers. Their visual show brought them a spot in the Top 5 and their colorguard reigned supreme with their 1st place take in the caption.

Can the Blue Devils pull off another DCI National Championship? No one can tell. But one thing is for sure, the next three weeks will be nothing but exciting!

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