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Alex Shapiro: Embracing the New

Composer, Alex Shapiro's music is cutting edge. She is a master at blending live performance and electronic performance. To say the least, she is not intimidated by new technological advancement; in fact ,she embraces it and shapes it into a beautiful or energetic masterpiece.

Band directors are facing a new era. Through an unexpected circumstance, the entire music education community has been forced to think of new ways of engage students and continue performing on a digital platform. The question that comes up is, "How are these new skills and new technologies going to influence the future of music."

Aamano Music

This was by far one of my favorite interviews. I've been a fan of Shapiro's music and lately, I have been contemplating how the pandemic may be evolving our profession into the 21st Century. It was great to get to talk with her about music, band, and how technology is shaping the future of education and performance.

It was incredible get to speak with Alex Shapiro, someone who has been at the forefront of the musical marriage of old and new.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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